Documentary Television

For eight years I had the great privilege to work at Kurtis Productions as a television writer, producer and director on American Greed, CNBC’s longest-running primetime original series.

American Greed is a CNBC documentary series about how some people will do anything for money. This is the opening credits/story introduction sequence for Season 11 Episode 5. I wrote, directed, and produced the entire episode.

American Greed Season 11, Episode 5, “Clean Teeth, Dirty Money” Segment 1

American Greed Season 11, Episode 5, “Comic Book Murder” Segment 2

Nonprofit Organization Impact Stories

I apply my journalistic background and documentary experience to help nonprofit organizations explain their missions and raise funds.

Wrote, produced, and co-directed this video to raise money for medical research.

Wrote, produced, and directed this video to raise money for a global health initiative fund at a major American research university.

Wrote, produced, and directed this video to explain a teacher-training nonprofit organization’s mission and help raise funds for it.

Web and Blog Writing

I’m comfortable writing in a very casual and conversational voice or in a traditional formal register.

Sample 1 is an excerpt from a personal blog called Spainlandia I used to keep from 2014-2016. Its purpose was to present entertaining Spanish-language content from Spain to an English-speaking audience. As it was my personal website, the language is very, very casual and humorous. (The website is now closed.)

Web Writing Sample 1

Sample 2 is the more formal but still lively writing and reporting I contributed to the Facing the Mortgage Crisis radio series blog at Chicago Public Radio back in 2009.

Web Writing Sample 2

Memoir & Autobiography (Ghostwriting)

My client, an octogenarian, wanted help writing a book for his children and grandchildren. What began as a memoir bloomed into a full-fledged autobiography!

We worked collaboratively at first, but his health setbacks required us to shift to a ghostwriting model. I leaned heavily on my background as a journalist as I researched and recounted his life story.

I delivered the manuscript posthumously to his children. Sample 1 is written in my client’s voice. Sample 2 is written from my perspective.

Clickable button to open PDF of Sample 1
Clickable button to open Sample 2 pdf